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Anonymous asked: should a second year aiming for pixar's internship take the history of film class, or history of animation?

I had history of animation but I have no strong feelings towards it. If I could redo it, I might actually take film instead.


Do some research on the professors that are teaching. Take the one that actually gives good assignments (hard class) as opposed to the sitting in a dark room watching old movies class (easy/”great!”/naptime class).

There was a film student that was accepted during my year of PUPs because he had a really great eye for composition and camera layout. The easiest way to improve on that is to just watch a lot of classic movies. There are a lot of different kinds of movies and there’s always that one that either defined or completely changed the game in its respective genre.

I’ve had this conversation with Jmac before about increasing students’ exposure to such films, and apparently he has already made a lot of those films accessible through the lab’s servers. It’s just up to you to grab it and go through them. If you can’t find them you could always ask him where he put em.

I also remember when I was there they were starting to build a physical library of art books and such (concept art, storyboards, color scripts, history of Pixar films, etc.) so you can also choose to make use of those resources in your free time. 

Basically you can take one, and read up on the other in your free time or vice versa. Best of luck!